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Welcome to the Best Travel Guide for Berkshires

Berkshires Of Massachusetts Tourist Guide A Comprehensive Guide Of Berkshires

Off the concrete jungle is a road that leads to nature’s abode known as Berkshire Hills. Spreads across western Massachusetts, they are on any tourist’s dream destinations list. And why it is considered so is no mystery. Just replace the city’s hustle bustle with lazy fishing on Housatonic River, crowded subways with Appalachian hiking trail, booming buildings with Bish Bash waterfalls, and you have a perfect getaway. A haven for nature-lovers, it has earned its repute for being a creatively inspiring place for artists too. And as a result, Berkshires of Massachusetts attracts tourists round the year.

Also, thanks to Berkshires Travel Guide and the exhaustive calendar of events, at any given time, you can choose from a list of happenings as per your interest here. Do consult the Berkshire Travel guide before you plan your trip to check what all is on offer. Whether you want to attend the Tanglewood music festival of Jazz, or admire masterpieces at Berkshire Museum or catch an out-of-the-box exhibition at Berkshire Botanical Gardens, or simply hop in for free wine tasting. You can do all this and more in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire.

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Here is a glimpse into Berkshires of Massachusetts Tourist Guide, of all that is in store for you: 

  • Adventure sports like cross-country skiing, hiking, biking, white-water rafting, canoeing.
  • Leisurely sports like fishing and golf or even lazy leisurely sunbathing.
  • Summer camping, living off a tent in the woods, especially organised for children groups and families.
  • Relishing delicacies at multi-cuisine award winning restaurants.
  • Learning the nuances of nature at Herbert’s  Arboretum, Berkshire Botanical Garden, Kent falls and nature trails.
  • Staying in resorts which used to be mansions in early industrial era, like Blantyre, Canyon Ranch, and Mepal Manor or bed and breakfast at old colonial houses, or luxury motels and hotels.
  • Going on long drives racing the winds, along given scenic driving routes.
  • Unwinding at the spas and therapeutic healing centers here– known as the spa capital of Northeast.
  • Treating your senses to soulful music, theatre, art and literature genius at the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Clark Art Institute, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and the Williams College Museum of Art.
  • Shopping for souvenirs and regular stuff off the shelve at best prices.
  • Delving into history at archaic antique rich homes such as Naumkeag, the Mission House, the Bidwell House Museum and the unique living museum of Hancock Shaker Village.

Berkshire has been a sought out holiday locale ever since it was discovered over the turn of the century by industrialists and philanthropists who came to the city after the first rail road was laid near river Houston. This region is now marked as Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area by the federal government for preservation. Its historical significance also is that the abolitionist movement that was spearheaded here at The Ashley House, starting point of An African American heritage trail. Also, the suffragette movement’s leader, Susan B Anthony stayed here too. One does realise then that this is the land of liberalists where human intellect and talent flourishes. Berkshires of Massachusetts tourist guide has something of interest to for every kind of individual. No matter if you are a music-lover, art-lover, a humanity-lover or a nature-lover; you will definitely come to love your experience at this place.

Berkshire is blessed with beautiful surroundings. One finds so many waterfalls here; the robust Bish Bash waterfalls, the accessible Race Brook waterfalls, wide Umpachene Falls, Windsor Jambs, Tannery, Campbell, or March Cataract falls and many more. If you choose to come here in winters, the landscape is as beautiful and you can ski to your heart’s content as the mountains are snow wrapped in neat white. 

People often wonder whether it is the mountains, the air or the trees, which also makes the human spirit feel so free at Berkshire. Whatever it might be, the next time you make travel plans, make sure Berkshire lies high on your list. And make sure you carry your copy of Berkshires travel guide.

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