Time and Chance por Russ Ebbets

Time and Chance por Russ Ebbets

April 7, 2020

Titulo del libro : Time and Chance
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 13, 2018
Autor : Russ Ebbets
Número de páginas : 262
ISBN : 9781943650774
Editor : Off The Road Press

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Russ Ebbets con Time and Chance

Páginas: 262 Géneros: 12:WSD:Sports training & coaching 12:WSK:Track & field sports, athletics Sinopsis: For coach Eddie John Denny twenty years has been a long time. His fall from grace has landed him in obscurity. This is to be the best year of his life but redemption is a gift with its own price tag. There are new friends and new faces with familiar places. Individually flawed, but perfect together, the characters build on the best of each other to produce a team that can handle any challenge with honor, respect and success.Mouse, Miss Chance, Howell, Volstead, Leon and Billy Falcon are all aboard his odyssey as they journey through a year of iconic track and field with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, of coaching and the pursuit of the impossible.In Time and Chance, it never gets easy for Eddie John Denny but the days are always memorable. From start to finish the reader re-lives the manic highs, the soul crushing lows and the improbable wonder, one step at a time._,